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140 McGovern Drive Unit 25
Cambridge, Ontario
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Headquartered in Cambridge, camoIT uses the latest technology to provide our clients with a strong competitive edge in today's business environment. 


We offer complete solutions - from design and installation to security and support. Whether you want to communicate between offices, update your infrastructure, take advantage of the cloud or update your disaster plan, camoIT works with you to ensure successful business outcomes. 


Why Us? We are client focused and understand that technology needs to complement your business - not the other way around. 


Once we have a thorough understanding of all your needs, we can recommend the appropriate hardware and software to serve your business both today and tomorrow. We pride ourselves on our ability to visualize your business goals and provide scalable solutions to help your organization grow. 


Backed by a team of skilled professionals, camoIT strives to provide expert management of complex technology environments that drives Uptime for IT infrastructures. Our services encompass IT consulting and support, Cloud support, repairs, maintenance and ongoing monitoring to ensure your servers, computers and applications function effectively, reliably and are universally accessible.


We establish IT policies and systems to support and align with corporate priorities and technological trends. We ensure the IT infrastructure is secure, cost efficient, and strategically sound.