Becoming Therapy / Devenir Thérapie

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29 Dickson Street
Cambridge, Ontario
N1R 1T5


Becoming Therapy is an outpatient private practice setting that specializes in providing counselling support to children, teens, and young adults in both official languages. We focus on emotion regulation and skill-based support, offering a wide range of mental health services in our clinic.



We promote connection and attachment by focussing on emotions, and specialize our work with three different population groups. We work with children and teens having a hard time managing overwhelming feelings, and with their parents, who often aren’t sure how to step in and be a support. We accompany members of the LGBTQIA+ community, who may be questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation, and who are searching for their true selves. Lastly, we provide support to men who feel out of control with their substance use, and need firm yet unwavering support to walk a better path in life.



Devenir Thérapie est un cabinet privé bilingue qui offre des services spécialisés en travail social. Nous offrons des services de haute qualité pour favoriser l'apprentissage des habiletés d'autorégulation émotionnelle et le soutien basé sur l'acquisition des nouvelles compétences. Nous offrons une gamme de services en santé mentale auprès des enfants, des adolescents et des jeunes adultes. Contactons-nous dès aujourd'hui.


Luke Bonneville 226-476-3315